Fukuyama han

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The main keep of Fukuyama castle

Fukuyama han was a domain based at Fukuyama castle in Bingo province, a short distance east of Hiroshima. The domain was ruled by the Mizuno, Matsudaira, and Abe clans over the course of the Edo period.

The area was controlled by Fukushima Masanori at the beginning of the Edo period, but was turned over to Mizuno Katsunari in 1619.

Lords of Fukuyama

  1. Mizuno Katsunari
  2. Mizuno Katsutoshi
  3. Mizuno Katsusada
  4. Mizuno Katsutane
  5. Mizuno Katsumine
  6. Matsudaira Tadamasa
  7. Abe Masakuni
  8. Abe Masayoshi
  9. Abe Masasuke
  10. Abe Masatomo
  11. Abe Masakiyo
  12. Abe Masayasu
  13. Abe Masahiro
  14. Abe Masanori
  15. Abe Masakata
  16. Abe Masatake