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Keiô 2 (慶応二年)

Timeline of 1866

Other Events of 1866

  • Nine Christian missionaries who entered Korea illegally are executed; in response, three French warships land troops, who make their way almost to Seoul before being turned back. The French seize a large collection of uigwe (royal records) and bring these back to France.
  • King Gojong of Korea marries the daughter of Min Chirok, who then becomes known as Empress Myeongseong.
  • The Korean Court orders the seizure and destruction of an American ship, the General Sherman; the US launches a punitive mission in 1871 which is repulsed.
  • The Rover, an American ship, is shipwrecked in Taiwan and 14 of its crew are killed by Taiwanese aborigines; the Chinese government takes no action; a US warship is sent to determine the responsible parties but is unsuccessful.
  • The Sat-Chô Alliance is formed between Satsuma and Chôshû domains.
  • Eugene Van Reed, an American businessman already active in Japan, is named consul general to Japan from the Hawaiian Kingdom.
  • The Yoshiwara burns down.
  • Zhao Xin leads the last Chinese investiture mission to Ryûkyû, undertaken for the investiture of King Shô Tai.

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