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The original concept of The Samurai Archives was to create an online database of Japanese pre-modern history, and to act as a gathering place for interested individuals to contribute to the building of the website. A "standard" html website proved to hinder the process of building a database, and now with the SamuraiWiki, we are finally able to create a user-friendly database that can easily be updated and added to at will. If you are interested in becoming an editor, please feel free to join the Samurai Wiki Editor's Group. Enjoy!


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The Samurai Archives Wiki project is an attempt to create the most concise and detailed database of pre-20th century Japanese history on the internet. All of the entries and contributions herein are meant for the sole purpose of this Wiki, and are not to be used elsewhere without permission. Do not copy information from here to Wikipedia - this Wiki is not intended for use as source material for Wikipedia without full attribution to the SamuraiWiki website.