Matsumae Takahiro

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Photograph of Matsumae Takahiro
  • Birth: 1829/11/15 (12/10/1829)
  • Death: 1866/4/26 (6/9/1866)
  • Yômei: Tamekichi
  • Titles: Izu no kami (awarded in 1849)
  • Japanese: 松前 崇広 (Matsumae Takahiro)

Matsumae Takahiro was the 12th Edo period lord of Matsumae han.

A son of Matsumae Akihiro, he was adopted by Matsumae Masahiro. In his younger years he studied martial arts, particularly horsemanship. He invited many experienced scholars to Matsumae han, studying English, military strategy, Western politics and affairs, and developed a great interest in Western culture, studying physics and chemistry, and collecting various Western devices including cameras.

He became the 12th head of the Matsumae clan in 1849, when Matsumae Masahiro became ill, and his son Matsumae Norihiro was still too young to take over as head of the clan. Takahiro later adopted Norihiro, and was succeeded by him on his death in 1866.

Preceded by
Matsumae Masahiro
Kyoto shoshidai
Succeeded by
Matsumae Norihiro