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Tenpô 6 (天保六年)

Timeline of 1835

Other Events of 1835

  • The original of Frois's History of Japan is lost in a fire.
  • Ginowan Chôho inherits from his father the title of Ginowan no ueekata and Ginowan magiri as his domain.
  • Publication of Hokusai's Fugaku hyakkei (One Hundred Views of Mount Fuji), begun the previous year, is completed.
  • Publication, begun in 1805, of a Suikoden adaptation written by Takizawa Bakin and illustrated by Hokusai is completed. This is the first version of the story to be made widely available in Japanese.
  • Village schools are established in Shuri, Naha, and Tomari.

Births and Deaths

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