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Meiji 28 (明治二十八年)

Timeline of 1895

  • 1895/1/31 The Kyoto Electric Railway, the first electric railway (streetcars/trolleys) in Japan, begins operation.
  • 1895/2/16 Empress Shôken pays a visit to the wounded at the Tokyo Army Reserve Hospital.
  • 1895/4/17 The Treaty of Shimonoseki ends the Sino-Japanese War.
  • 1895/4/23 Triple Intervention
  • 1895/5/30 The Meiji Emperor parades through the streets of Tokyo, as part of an extensive triumphal military parade, the first such victory celebration to feature the Emperor himself.
  • 1895/10/22 Jidai Matsuri (Festival of the Ages) is first held in Kyoto, on the supposed 1101st anniversary of Emperor Kammu establishing Heian (Kyoto) as the Imperial capital.
  • 1895/11/18 It is declared that all areas of Taiwan have been successfully subjugated to Japan.

Other Events of 1895

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