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Meiji 41 (明治四十一年)

Timeline of 1908

  • 1908/1 The Okinawa kenjinkai of Southern California is established.
  • 1908/4/28 Over 780 people (including 325 Okinawans) depart Kobe for Brazil, aboard the Kasado-maru.
  • 1908/6/18 The Kasado-maru arrives in Brazil. Its passengers include the first Japanese or Okinawan settlers in Brazil.

Other Events of 1908

  • Laurence Binyon's The Painting of the Far East is published.
  • The second Bunten is held.
  • The Colonial Government Museum is established in Taiwan.
  • The Hongkou Theatre, the first dedicated movie house in China, is opened in Shanghai by Antonio Ramos.
  • Makino Shôzô produces Honnôji Kassen, a recording of a kabuki performance, the first film to be produced in Kyoto.
  • Local administrative reforms take place in Okinawa prefecture.
  • Puyi ascends to the throne in China.
  • A proposal to place Okinawa and Taiwan under the same colonial administration spurs furious protest in Okinawa, and ultimately is not implemented.
  • Tenri-kyô is officially recognized as an accepted Shinto sect.

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