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Meiji 31 (明治三十一年)

Timeline of 1898

Other Events of 1898

  • Civil code is promulgated, making the traditional ie (household) system into a formal, legal reality, and further developing the koseki system of household registration introduced in 1872.
  • Leap years are established in Japan.
  • Twenty-fifth anniversary of the Methodist Episcopal Mission in Japan.
  • Merriman Harris is awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Fourth Class.
  • Military conscription is implemented in Okinawa prefecture.
  • Russia secures lease to Port Arthur on the Liaodong Peninsula, providing it a warm-water port in the East.
  • Saigô Tsugumichi becomes fleet admiral.
  • Ceremonies and celebrations are held for the thirty-year anniversary of Tokyo becoming the Imperial capital. Performances and processions included recreations of Edo period displays, as well as more modern nationalistic and military displays.
  • The US Supreme Court decision in the case Wong Kim Ark v. United States affirms that the 14th Amendment covers the rights to citizenship of all those born within the United States, regardless of race. This is a particularly significant decision for Asian-Americans.

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