Meiji 14 (明治十四年)

Timeline of 1881

  • 1881/1 Construction begins on the Rokumeikan.
  • 1881/1/5 Japanese ambassador to China Shishido Tamaki informs the Chinese government that he considers the dispute over sovereignty over the Ryûkyû Islands to be settled.
  • 1881/1/20 Shishido departs Peking.
  • 1881/1/26 A fire breaks out in the Ryôgoku neighborhood of Tokyo; it lasts 16 hours, destroying some 10,000 homes, and is the largest fire of the entire Meiji period.
  • 1881/3/4 King David Kalākaua of Hawaiʻi arrives in Yokohama. He becomes the first reigning monarch of a foreign country to visit Japan freely (i.e. not as a prisoner). During his 19-day stay in Japan, he meets with Emperor Meiji, proposes Japanese immigration to Hawaii, and suggests a marriage between Princess Kaiulani and Prince Yamashina Sadamaro (ultimately, the Japanese reject this latter proposition). Nagasaki Seigo serves as Kalakaua's interpreter and is later awarded the Royal Order of Kalākaua.
  • 1881/3/22 Kalākaua departs Nagasaki for Shanghai.

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