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  • Japanese: 三十六歌仙 (Sanjuu rokkasen)

The Sanjûrokkasen, sometimes known as the 36 Poetry Immortals, are a group of thirty-six Nara and Heian period poets selected by Fujiwara no Kintô in the 10th or 11th century. They remained an oft-cited standard grouping of famous poets throughout the premodern and early modern periods, down to today.

From the Man'yôshû, Kintô selected Kakinomoto no Hitomaro, Yamabe no Akahito, and Ôtomo no Yakamochi, and from the Kokinshû and Gosen wakashû of the early Heian period, he selected:


  • Gallery labels, Nakasendô Kaidô Bunka Kôryûkan, Moriyama, Shiga pref.[1]