Ariwara no Narihira

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A portrait of Narihira as part of a full set of portraits of the Sanjûrokkasen long held by the Tenmangû Shrine in Moriyama, Shiga prefecture
  • Born: 823
  • Died: 880
  • Rank: Lower Junior Fourth Rank
  • Titles: Mino no kami, Ukonoe gonnochûjô
  • Japanese: 在原業平 (Ariwara no Narihira)

Ariwara no Narihira was a 9th century court noble and poet, known as one of both the "Six Poetry Immortals" (Rokkasen) and "36 Poetry Immortals" (Sanjûrokkasen) canonical groupings. A grandson of Emperor Heizei, he was a brother of Ariwara no Yukihira.

Though not explicitly named, Narihira is generally believed to be the chief protagonist in the Tales of Ise.


  • Gallery labels, Nakasendô Kaidô Bunka Kôryûkan, Moriyama, Shiga.[1]