Sarumaru Dayu

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A portrait of Sarumaru Dayû as part of a full set of portraits of the Sanjûrokkasen long held by the Tenmangû Shrine in Moriyama, Shiga prefecture
  • Japanese: 猿丸太夫 (Sarumaru Dayuu)

Sarumaru Dayû was a legendary poet. He is known for his poems in the Kokinshû and the Hyakunin Isshû, and as one of the "36 Poetry Immortals" (Sanjûrokkasen). Nothing is known about his life, and there are even doubts as to whether he truly existed, or who these poems were composed by.


  • Gallery labels, Nakasendô Kaidô Bunka Kôryûkan, Moriyama, Shiga.[1]