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About the Task Force page

The mission of the Shinsengumi task force is to create a cohesive database of biographies, maps, battles, and anything else applicable to the Shinsengumi.

Use the Talk Page to communicate directly with other task force members with specific questions. When you join, feel free to put put: {{STF member}} on your user page to display your status as a member of this task force.


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For shinsengumi members, place them in both the [[Category:Shinsengumi Members]] and [[Category:Shinsengumi]] categories. For related people and events, just put them in the [[Category:Shinsengumi]] Category.

Useful Sources (English)

To do list: Biographies



To do list:Events

To do list: Other

  • Add macrons to all the biography links in the Shinsengumi article: i.e. [[Abe Juro|Abe Jurô]]
  • Floorplan/map of the Ikedaya (Building)
  • Keep track of Shinsengumi members who were Samurai, Peasants/Farmers, Ronin, etc.