Nakamura Goro

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  • Born: 1849
  • Death: 1867/6/14 (7/15/1867)
  • Japanese: 中村五郎 (Nakamura Gorô)

Nakamura Goro joined the Shinsengumi in 1865. He protested to become a Bakufu retainer because it againt his Sonnô ideology. He tried to join the Goryô Eji but was refused by Itô Kashitarô. Then he asked Aizu han for permission to leave the Shinsengumi but was also refused. He and other 3 members Ibaraki Tsukasa, Sano Shimenosuke, Tomikawa Jurô lost the way out and commited Seppuku.

His gravesite confirms this, stating that he committed suicide on 6/14/1867, however other sources state that he was actually killed by Ôishi Kuwajirô and others.


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