Ikeda Shichisaburo

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  • Birth: 1850/1/6
  • Death: 1938/1/16
  • Original name: Hieda Rihachi (稗田利八)
  • Japanese: 池田 七三郎 (Ikeda Shichisaburou)

Ikeda Shichisaburô, originally known as Hieda Rihachi, changed his name in the 10th month of 1867. He was the final surviving member of the Shinsengumi, passing away at age 88, in 1938. He was interviewed by Shimozawa Kan and it was published as "Shinsengumi Monjo"


(Shinsengumi Monjo is in this book)


  • Shinsengumi - Honor and Determination of the Mibu Rôshi (血誠新撰組-峻烈壬生浪士忠と斬), Rekishi Gunzo, Gakken, Japan, 2003
  • Shinsengumi Zentaishi Tettei Guide (新選組全隊士徹底ガイド) Maeda Masaki