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Meiji 27 (明治二十七年)

Timeline of 1894

Sino-Japanese War

Other Events of 1894

  • Baseball is introduced to Okinawa by a group of Okinawa Middle School students who learned the game at the Third Kyoto High School while on a field trip.
  • The California Midwinter International Exposition of 1894 is held in San Francisco; the Hagiwara Tea Garden is built for the occasion.
  • The Meiji government issues Japan's first commemorative postage stamps, in honor of the 25th Imperial wedding anniversary.
  • Government contracts for Japanese immigration to Hawaii end; immigrant laborers now come under the control of private corporations.
  • The first Japanese Buddhist temple in Hawaii is established, on the Big Island.
  • Kodama Kihachi, head of Dept of Education in Okinawa prefecture, removes English from the subjects taught in middle schools, declaring that Okinawan students who do not even speak proper Japanese should not be spending time learning English.
  • The Nan'yôkan, the first Western-style wooden building in Okinawa, is completed.
  • Construction is completed on the Nara National Museum.
  • Saigô Tsugumichi is named Admiral.
  • The "Somayama dispute" develops over whether somayama (communal forestland), in Okinawa prefecture, should be public land or private.
  • A treaty is concluded between Japan and the United Kingdom, ending extraterritoriality for British subjects in Japan.
  • The decision in the legal case Wong Kim Ark v. United States upholds the constitutional rights of citizenship of those born in the United States, regardless of their race.

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