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Kan'ei 13 (寛永十三年)

Timeline of 1636

Other Events of 1636

  • Korean embassy journeys to Edo. An agreement is reached determining the frequency of Munwigwam embassies to Tsushima.
  • The Portuguese are expelled from the archipelago, along with all mixed-race offspring of Nambanjin (basically, Portuguese and Spanish). Any Japanese who has adopted a mixed-race child is also, according to this edict, to be put to death. Some 287 Japanese wives of Portuguese men and mixed race children leave for Macao.
  • Satsuma han ends the use of the title "King of Chûzan" (中山王) to refer to the leader of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, instituting instead the title kokushi (国司), implying a position of having been appointed by Satsuma to govern the territory.
  • Construction is completed on Tsukijima, which will later come to be called Dejima.
  • Construction begins on Nikkô Tôshôgû. The complex includes the first temizuya, or ritual handwashing pavilion.
  • The Manchus declare the official establishment of the Qing Dynasty, with its capital at Mukden.
  • Manchu invasions of Korea.
  • The Ryûkyû Kingdom, on the orders of Satsuma han, conducts a census of Christians in the kingdom's territories, including in Miyako and Yaeyama.

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