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Kan'ei 12 (寛永十二年)

Timeline of 1635

Other Events of 1635

  • Chinese ships are limited to Nagasaki.
  • Sankin kôtai obligations are made mandatory for all tozama daimyô.
  • Fire destroys much of Kanazawa.
  • The 1609 Kiyû Treaty between Korea and Tsushima han is revised.
  • The term Nihon-koku taikun (or Great Prince of Japan) is coined and begins to be used to refer to the shogun, thus avoiding the political/diplomatic ramifications of allowing him to be called King of Japan (which would imply that, like the Kings of Korea and Ryukyu, he acknowledged and submitted himself to the higher authority of the Chinese Emperor).
  • The kokudaka of the Kingdom of Ryûkyû is calculated at 90,883 koku.
  • The shogunate more formally articulates the duties of machi bugyô, jisha bugyô, and kanjô bugyô (finance magistrates).

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