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Keichô 20 (慶長二十年) / Genna 1 (元和一年)

Timeline of 1615

  • 1615/5/15 Tokugawa Ieyasu hosts a religious debate between Tendai priests at Nijô castle.
  • 1615/5/18 Ieyasu hosts a debate on Buddhist logic (inmyô; Skt. hetu-vidyâ) at Nijô castle.
  • 1615/5/21 Ieyasu hosts a debate between Shingon priests at Nijô castle.
  • 1615/5/23 Ieyasu hosts another religious debate between Tendai priests at Nijô castle.
  • 1615/int.6/13 The shogunate implements the "one castle per domain" policy, requiring each han to maintain no more than one castle within its borders.
  • 1615/7/7 Tokugawa Ieyasu orders the preparation of the Buke Shohatto (Laws for Warrior Houses), which Ishin Sûden reads to an assembly of daimyô at Fushimi.
  • 1615/7/13 Genna era begins.
  • 1615/7/17 Tokugawa Ieyasu issues Kinchu Narabini Kuge Shohatto (Laws for Aristocrats)
  • 1615/9/21 The Môri clan's mansion in Edo burns down; the fire spreads to the Shimazu clan's Sakurada mansion, among others destroying them as well.

Siege of Osaka

  • 1615/1 A cease-fire is called at Osaka castle.
  • 1615/2/1 Tokugawa forces finish filling in the moats of Osaka castle.
  • 1615/4/18 Tokugawa Ieyasu arrives in Kyoto, and begins assembling forces for another attack on Osaka.
  • 1615/4/21 Tokugawa Hidetada arrives in Kyoto.
  • 1615/5/5 Tokugawa forces depart Kyoto for Osaka.
  • 1615/5/7 Battle of Tennôji (Osaka Summer Campaign) - Tokugawa forces defeat Toyotomi forces, and assault Osaka castle.
  • 1615/5/8 Osaka castle surrenders to Tokugawa forces.; Tokugawa Ieyasu returns to Kyoto.
  • 1615/5/10 Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hidetada gather their generals at Nijô castle and formally present them with rewards for their service in taking down Osaka.

Other Events of 1615

Births and Deaths of 1615

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