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Keichô 19 (慶長十九年)

Timeline of 1614

  • 1614/4 Christians march in Hizen province
  • 1614/6 Christian riot in Kyoto
  • 1614/8 (Sept) The Clove, captained by John Saris, arrives at Plymouth, on the return from Japan.
  • 1614/11/15 The Osaka Winter Campaign begins, as Tokugawa forces take positions on hills surrounding Osaka.
  • 1614/11/19 Tokugawa forces begin attacking Toyotomi-loyal positions, and are victorious in the battle of Kizugawa and elsewhere, but are stopped at the defenses of Osaka proper.
  • 1614/11/20 (Dec 20) John Saris sells lacquerware he acquired in Japan; this is the first art auction in British history.
  • 1614/12/16 Tokugawa forces begin their assault on Osaka castle.
  • 1614/12/23 Christianity bans issued. Expulsion of missionaries. Christian church in Nagasaki closed.

Other Events of 1614

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