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  • Born: 1508
  • Died: c. 1568
  • Japanese: 為充 (Tamemitsu)

Tamemitsu was a 16th century Ryûkyû Kingdom government official from a prominent family on Amami Ôshima.

The son of Tameharu, the first Shuri ôyako overseeing the administration of Amami Ôshima for the Ryukyuan royal government, Tamemitsu served during his childhood as an apprentice under royal crown prince Prince Nakagusuku in Shuri (on Okinawa Island) before returning to Amami, where he became ôyako of Higa (Setouchi Higashi) district in 1533. He married the daughter of a local village head, the headman of Beru Village in Kasari district.

Tamemitsu's son Tameaki also served in the royal court as a child before returning to Amami to become a local official.


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