Sakai Tadazane

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Bust of Tadazane at Himeji castle
  • Born: 1755/12/23 (Jan 24, 1756)
  • Died: 1790/7/17
  • Rank: Junior Lower Fourth Rank
  • Titles: Uta no kami, Jijû
  • Other Names: 酒井宗雅 (Sakai Sôga)
  • Japanese: 酒井 忠以 (Sakai Tadazane)

Sakai Tadazane was the second Sakai clan lord of Himeji han. The eldest son of Sakai Tadamochi (heir to Sakai Tadazumi, first Sakai clan lord of Himeji), he was an older brother to painter Sakai Hôitsu. He is known for his interest in painting and tea ceremony, and is said to have excelled at martial arts, calligraphy, and haiku as well.

He was adopted by his grandfather Sakai Tadazumi to serve as his heir, and succeeded Tadazumi to become lord of Himeji in 1772.