Sakai clan

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The Sakai family crest, as seen on a sashimono banner at the Metropolitan Museum
Himeji castle, home to the Sakai clan for much of the Edo period
  • Japanese: 酒井(Sakai ke)

The Sakai of Mikawa province were related to the Matsudaira clan, whom they served during the Sengoku Period. They became one of the chief retainer families of Tokugawa Ieyasu and were represented by a number of branches.

During the Edo period, the Sakai were initially daimyô of Maebashi han, and later of Himeji han, beginning with Sakai Tadazumi, while a branch of the family, starting with Sakai Tadakatsu, became lords of Obama han. The clan also boasted a sizable collection of works by painter Ogata Kôrin, which Sakai Hôitsu exhibited, cataloged, and drew inspiration from in creating his own artworks.

Members of the Sakai clan