Sakai Tadazumi

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  • Born: 1710
  • Died: 1772
  • Titles: Uta-no-kami
  • Japanese: 酒井 忠恭 (Sakai Tadazumi)

Sakai Tadazumi was the first Sakai clan lord of Himeji han.

Tadazumi is known for his patronage of Ming Dynasty music. He not only invited Gi Shimei, the preeminent Ming music expert of the time, to Himeji in order to study under him, but also made a number of his closest retainers study Ming music under Shimei, and also had Ming-style instruments and costumes made. Following Tadazumi's death in 1772, Ming music continued to be passed down within the Sakai family, but was never again studied and practiced in such a lively manner as during Tadazumi's time.[1]

Tadazumi's son Sakai Hôitsu is known as one of the last, and greatest, painters in the Rinpa style.

His other children include:


  • Plaques on-site at Sakai clan cemetery, Keifuku-ji, Himeji City.[1]
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