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LordAmeth (紫水晶殿) is a bit obsessed with Japan, Ryukyu, and increasingly with the wider region of East/SE Asia and the Pacific. He finds interest in just about every period or aspect of Japanese history, from the earliest ancient clan conflicts, through the Heian period and the Genpei Wars, the complexities of clan histories and regional histories of the Sengoku period, and into the vivid cultural, political, and economic history of the Edo period, the cultural changes of the Meiji period, and the cultural issues facing Japan today. Please don't mind the weird name - we all picked weird handles back in the early days of the Internet, and on some platforms (such as this one) we just haven't changed to a new one...

He studied at Jouchi Daigaku in Tokyo for one term back in '03, and completed his MA at the School of Oriental & African Studies (U of London), writing on 17th century relations between the shogunate and Southeast Asian authorities. He then lived in Yokohama for a year, devoting the vast majority of his waking hours during that year to improving his Japanese language skills. After some various adventures elsewhere in Japan, New York, and elsewhere, he earned a second MA, in Art History, from the University of Hawaii, and is now pursuing a PhD at UC Santa Barbara.

He was really active on Wikipedia for several years, much to the chagrin of the Shogun, but it has now been quite some time since he has done any major contributions over there. Still, if you're interested, please do feel free to check out his user page over there.

He first became active on Samurai Archives in June 2007, though he took quite some time off from it, returning in February 2009. The Wiki serves as a great way to take notes, or just to read actively and engagingly, rather than passively.

For larger versions of images used on the S-A Wiki, any photos LordAmeth has taken himself can be found at his Flickr page.

Interests and Specialties

As the userboxes do not tell all, I am particularly interested in and/or knowledgeable about:


My main projects right now on the Wiki are to continue adding information from things I'm reading anyway (for classes, for research, etc.), and from gallery labels and the like at museums and historical sites I visit. The Wiki thus grows organically and haphazardly, in bricolage fashion... and not, I am afraid, in any coordinated fashion focusing on the most major/significant topics, or on those most linked to that haven't been created yet. We'll get there eventually, though...