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Uwajima han was a small domain located in Iyo province on the island of Shikoku. It was ruled from Uwajima castle by a branch family of the Date clan which ruled Sendai han in Mutsu province (in the Tôhoku region). Its rulers enjoyed honorary kuni-mochi ("province-holder") status, also known as junkunimochi, despite the domain's small size.

Date Hidemune, the eldest son of Date Masamune, lord of Sendai, was appointed lord of Uwajima in 1614, and journeyed to the domain the following year; his younger half-brother, Date Tadamune, succeeded their father as lord of Sendai, as Hidemune was the son of a concubine, and was thus less eligible to succeed. The Date clan then remained the daimyo of Uwajima through the end of the Edo period.

Daimyô of Uwajima

  1. Tôdô Takatora (until 1608)
  2. Date Hidemune (1608-1657)
  3. Date Munetoshi (1657-1693)
  4. Date Muneyoshi (1693-1711)
  5. Date Muratoshi (1711-1735)
  6. Date Muratoki (1735-1794)
  7. Date Muranaga (1794-1824)
  8. Date Munetada (1824-1844)
  9. Date Munenari (1844-1858)
  10. Date Munee (1858-1871)