Date Munetada

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  • Born: 1790/9/16
  • Died: 1889/11/25
  • Distinction: Daimyô of Uwajima han
  • Other Names: 伊達春山 (Date Shunzan)
  • Japanese: 伊達宗紀 (Date Munetada)

Date Munetada was the 7th daimyô of Uwajima han, in what is today Ehime prefecture on Shikoku.

The son of Date Muranaga, he became lord of Uwajima in 1824, and is said to have done much to rebuild or restore the economy of his domain, reforming domain government and encouraging expansion of production.

When the arrival of Commodore Perry at Uraga Bay in 1853 stirred up the issue of Japan's maritime restrictions, Munetada sided with recommending the opening of the country.

He died at the age of 100, on 1889/11/25.


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