Takenouchi Yasunori

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  • Japanese: 竹内 保徳 (Takeuchi Yasunori, Takenouchi Yasunori)

Takeuchi Yasunori was a Tokugawa shogunate official known for leading the shogunate's first official embassy to Europe; the embassy departed Edo on 1861/12/2, meeting with Napoleon III in Paris several months later, as well as attending the 1862 World's Fair (Great London Exposition).

Prior to this embassy, Takeuchi was assigned Hakodate bugyô in 1854/6, the first to hold that post in conjunction with the port being opened to foreign activity.[1] He came to work alongside Muragaki Norimasa on a number of matters pertaining to Ezo.

In 1864, while holding the position of Kanjô bugyô, Yasunori was assigned to the concurrent position of Osaka machi bugyô.


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