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Bunkyû 4 (文久四年) / Genji 1 (元治元年)

Timeline of 1864

Other Events of 1864

  • The French establish a protectorate over Cambodia.
  • The Taiping Rebellion in China comes to an end.
  • The Qing Court launches the Tongzhi Restoration in an effort to halt or reverse the dynasty's decline.
  • The first political cartoon by a Japanese artist, appearing in a Japanese publication, is believed to be one published in this year. Appearing in the Nihon bôeki shinbun, a translation of the English-language newspaper Japan Commercial News, the cartoon depicts a man with his decapitated head in his hands, and is meant to refer to the self-destructive results of the anti-foreign actions of Chôshû han (see Bombardment of Shimonoseki).
  • Léon Roches becomes French consul in Japan.

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