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Man'en 2 (万延二年) / Bunkyû 1 (文久元年)

Timeline of 1861

Other Events of 1861

  • Currency conversion is undertaken in Ryûkyû, with each copper coin being replaced by two in iron.
  • King Shô Tai of Ryûkyû orders a nationwide prayer be held for China, in light of the Taiping Rebellion and Anglo-French invasion of Beijing as part of the Second Opium War.
  • Kondô Isami becomes the fourth head of the Tennen Rishin-ryû.
  • Sakamoto Ryôma joins the Tosa Loyalist Party.
  • A Ryukyuan tribute mission is denied permission to travel to Beijing, and stays in Fuzhou for several months, requesting permission and being denied several times, before finally returning to Ryûykû.
  • Political cartoonist Charles Wirgman arrives in Japan.
  • China establishes the Zongli Yamen, an office managing China's foreign relations within a Western world order of international relations between nation-states.

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