Shimazu Tatsuhisa

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The graves of Tatsuhisa and his wife at the Shimazu clan cemetery at Fukushô-ji in Kagoshima

Shimazu Tatsuhisa was the second son of Shimazu Tadakuni, and the 10th head of the Shimazu clan.

He defeated the Ichiki clan in 1462, and sided with the Hosokawa clan in the Ônin War but did not actually send any forces to fight in the conflict. It was not until his father's last years that Tatsuhisa began to wield real power; upon his father's death in 1470, Tatsuhisa officially succeeded him as shugo of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces. The Shimazu began overseeing the protection and management of trading ships traveling to Ryûkyû the following year, at the orders of the Ashikaga shogunate, having already been exchanging diplomatic communications and gifts with the Ryûkyû Kingdom for some time.

Tatsuhisa died four years after becoming head of the clan, on 1474/4/1, at the age of 43, and was succeeded in turn as clan head by his son Shimazu Tadamasa.

Preceded by:
Shimazu Tadakuni
Head of Shimazu clan & lord of Satsuma, Ôsumi, and Hyûga provinces
Succeeded by:
Shimazu Tadamasa