Sai Ninki

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  • Born: 1755/3/19
  • Japanese/Chinese: 任貴 (Sai Ninki / Cài Rènguì)

Sai Ninki was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who served as instructor to the musicians attached to the 1796 Ryukyuan mission to Edo.

He was a son of Sai Kôso, who had served as music instructor for two earlier Edo missions, in 1748 and 1752. Two of Ninki's elder brothers, Sai Ninchô and Sai Ninhô, were notable instructors of Chinese music as well, and served together in training musicians for a 1772 mission to Kagoshima. Unlike most such instructors, Sai Ninki had never traveled to China; however, he was still able to secure such a position, as a result of his education and expertise coming from such a family.

His kafu (official genealogy) indicates that he was appointed to this position on 1795/3/23, and taught until 1796/5. That same month, on 5/2, members of the mission performed before the king; having received his approval that their preparation was sufficient, they departed Ryûkyû on 7/13.[1]


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