Sai Koso

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  • Japanese/Chinese: 光祖 (Sai Kôso / Cài Guāngzǔ)

Sai Kôso was a Ryukyuan scholar-aristocrat who served as instructor to the musicians attached to two Ryukyuan embassies to Edo, in 1747 and 1751 (the missions each took place the following year). In 1747, he performed this task alongside Tei Ryôsai; in 1751, he oversaw the instruction in Chinese songs. In between these two appointments, he traveled to Fuzhou for a brief time in 1748.

Three of Sai's sons also served as court instructors of Chinese music or dance. The eldest of the three, Sai Ninchô, did so in 1762 and 1772; the second of the three, Sai Ninhô, did so in 1772 alongside his elder brother; and the youngest, Sai Ninki, did so in 1795.


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