Nago Ryoin

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  • Titles: 名護親方 (Nago ueekata)
  • Other Names: 世栄 (Ba Seiei / C: Mǎ Shìróng)
  • Japanese: 名護 良員 (Nago Ryôin)

Nago ueekata Ryôin, also known by his Chinese-style name Mǎ Shìróng (J: Ba Seiei), was a member of the Sanshikan, the top three royal advisors and administrators in the Ryûkyû Kingdom, in the late 16th century. He is considered the second hereditary head of the Ba lineage (Oroku house).

He was appointed to the Sanshikan (Council of Three) in 1573, the same year that King Shô Ei took the throne. He stepped down nearly twenty years later, resigning his post in 1592. Little is known of the details of these events, but while Ryôin supported King Shô Ei's efforts to improve Ryûkyû's relations with the Shimazu clan of Satsuma province, Shô Ei's successor, Shô Nei, took a somewhat more hostile stance towards the Shimazu and it is possible that Ryôin resigned - or was forced to - as a result of the rise to power of a more anti-Shimazu faction at court.

Ryôin was succeeded as Sanshikan in 1592, and later as head of the household, by his son Nago ueekata Ryôhô (1551-1617).[1]


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