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Nago Ryôhô was a Ryukyuan scholar-official who served as a member of the Sanshikan (the top three royal advisors & administrators) alongside Tei Dô and Urasoe Chôshi. He is known for his role in resisting the 1609 Shimazu clan invasion of Ryûkyû.

Ryôhô was born in 1551, the second son of Nago ueekata Ryôin. He is considered the third generation of the Ma lineage (Oroku house). Ryôhô traveled to China on at least one occasion, as head of a formal embassy in 1579. He was named sôjitô of Nago magiri in 1592, and was named to the Sanshikan at the same time.

In 1609, Ryôhô led a force of some 1,000 men from Shuri to aid in the defense of Nakijin gusuku. According to some accounts, Ryôhô lost half his force in a fierce battle on 1609/3/26; according to others, however, the Shimazu forces arrived at Nakijin to find the fortress abandoned. In any case, he was taken prisoner by the invading forces, but ultimately survived the invasion and capture to live until 1617.


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