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Tenshô 20 (天正二十年)

Timeline of 1592

Korean Invasions

  • 1592/3/17 Tokugawa Ieyasu departs for Kyushu alongside Date Masamune, Uesugi Kagekatsu, Satake Yoshinobu, and Nanbu Nobunao.
  • 1592/3/25 Tokugawa, Date, Uesugi, Satake, and Nanbu arrive at Hizen Nagoya.
  • 1592/4/13 Japanese forces land on Korean soil and capture Pusan.
  • 1592/4/15 Konishi Yukinaga captures Tongnae, a fortress north of Pusan.
  • 1592/4/17 Katô Kiyomasa and Nabeshima Naoshige land on Pusan.
  • 1592/4/27 Konishi Yukinaga captures Ch'ungju and marches on Seoul.
  • 1592/5 Konishi Yukinaga and Katô Kiyomasa occupy Seoul.
  • 1592/5/7 Korean 'turtle ships' under Admiral Yi Sun Shin sink 26 Japanese vessels near Okpo; by 5/8 Yi sinks a further 18 ships.
  • 1592/5/29-6/10 - Japanese forces suffer further naval defeats at Sacheon, Dangpo, Danghanpo, and and Yulpo, losing some 70 vessels in total.
  • 1592/6/15 Konishi's division occupies P'yongyang. King Seonjo relocates to Euiju.
  • 1592/7/7 Yi Sun Shin routs a Japanese fleet near Hansando, sinking 47 ships and capturing 12.
  • 1592/7/10 Yi Sun Shin defeats Japanese forces at Angolpo.
  • 1592/7/19 Katô Kiyomasa wins the Battle of Haejongch'ang in his north-eastern advance.
  • 1592/8/24-9/2 Japanese forces suffer a crushing defeat, losing more than 130 vessels to the Korean navy in the battle of Busanpo.
  • 1592/8/30 50 days cease-fire agreement between Ming and Konishi Yukinaga.
  • 1592/10 Japanese troops under Hosokawa Tadaoki fail to take Chinju, a fortress northwest of Pusan commanded by Kim Simin.
    • China intervenes and attempts to recapture P'yongyang.

Other Events of 1592

Births and Deaths

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