Nabeshima Katsushige

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Katsushige was a son of Nabeshima Naoshige and was born in Saga castle in Hizen province on 4 December 1580. He was sent by his father to serve Tokugawa Ieyasu in the 1600 Sekigahara Campaign but was nearly talked into joining Ishida Mitsunari instead. He was recalled to Kyushu by his father as a result, and was able to inherit the Nabeshima's Saga fief. He served in the siege of Osaka in 1614-1615, and suppression of the Shimabara rebellion in 1637 and was eventually succeeded by his grandson Mitsushige (1632-1700), the son of Nabeshima Hizen no Kami Tadanao. He died on 7 May 1657.