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  • Japanese: 御陵衛士 (Goryo Eji) also called 高台寺党 (Kodai-ji To)
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Memorial of Goryo Eji

"Goryo Eji" means Guards of Emperor's Tomb.

In March, 1867, shortly after Emperor Komei died, Ito Kashitaro and his comrades separated from the Shinsengumi and formed the Goryo Eji.

They first were stationed in Choen-ji then moved to Kodai-ji. Saito Hajime had joined as a spy sent by Kondo Isami, and reported to Kondo that the Goryo Eji were planning to assassinate him.

On 11/18 (December 13th, 1867), Kondo invited Ito to his resident in Samegai for a party. Ito was assassinated by the Shinsengumi members on the way back to Kodai-ji that night. The Goryo Eji members who came to pick up his body were also attacked. (Incident at Aburano Koji) The surviving members of the Goryo Eji ran into a Satsuma han residence and later fought against the Bakufu under Satsuma han during the Boshin War.


Research Books

  • Shinsengumi Kodaiji-to (新選組・高台寺党) Ichii Koichi


  • Shinsengumi (新選組) Sekai Bunkasha
  • Shinsengumi Taishi Den (新選組隊士伝) Gakken
  • Shinsengumi 100 Wa (新選組100話) Suzuki Toru

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