Shinohara Tainoshin

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  • Born: 1828
  • Died: 1911
  • Titles:Shinsengumi Investigator
  • Japanese: 篠原 泰之進 or 秦林親 (Hata Shigechika)

Shinohara was worked as a security guard in the Yokohama foreign residential area. In 1864, he joined the Shinsengumi with Ito Kashitaro. In 1867, he left the Shinsengumi and joined Goryo Eji. He survived the Incident at Aburano Koji and later he and other survivors attacked Kondo Isami at Fushimi. He fought in the Boshin War under the Satsuma han troops. After the Meiji Restoration, he served the new government. He died in 1911 as a Christian. He left a memoir called "Hata Shigechika Nikki"(秦林親日記).

Shinohara Tainoshin in Fiction


  • Aburakoji no ketto (油小路の決闘) Shiba Ryotaro


  • Shinsengumi Taishi Den (新選組隊士伝) Gakken
  • Shinsengumi Zentaishi Tettei Guide (新選組全隊士徹底ガイド) Maeda Masaki