Tomiyama Yahei

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  • Born: 1843
  • Died: 1868
  • Rank: Shinsengumi corporal (Gochô)
  • Japanese: 富山 弥兵衛 (Tomiyama Yahei or Toyama Yahei)

Tomiyama Yahei was a spy from Satsuma han. He left the Shinsengumi for the Goryo Eji in 1867. He returned to Satsuma han after the Incident at Aburano Koji and fought against the Bakufu in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. While he was spying in Echigo province, he was captured and killed.

Tomiyama Yahei in Fiction

  • Yahei Funjin (弥兵衛奮迅) Shiba Ryotaro


  • Shinsengumi Zentaishi Tettei Guide (新選組全隊士徹底ガイド) Maeda Masaki