Todo Heisuke

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  • Born: 1844
  • Died: 1867
  • Rank: Shinsengumi captain (Kumichô)
  • Japanese: 藤堂 平助 宜虎 (Todo Heisuke Yoshitora)

Todo Heisuke claimed to be the illegitimate child of Todo Takayuki of Tsu han, Ise, but the truth is unclear. He learned Hokushin Itto Ryu in Edo where he met Kondo Isami. He joined the Shinsengumi with the members of Kondo's dojo Shieikan. His forehead was injured during the Ikedaya Affair. In late 1864, he recruited Ito Kashitaro and his pupils in Edo. When he returned to Kyoto in 1865, he was shocked that Yamanami Keisuke had comitted Seppuku which might have effected Todo's decision to leave the Shinsengumi. In 1867, Ito Kashitaro formed Goryo Eji and Todo joined. They were assassinated in November (Incident at Aburano Koji). Kondo had wished to spare Todo's life. However, Todo was killed by a new member, Miura Tsunesaburo, whom did not know the circumstances.

Todo Heisuke's Sword

The sword was too expensive for a Ronin to have so this credence to Heisuke's claim that he might have been an illegitimate child of Todo Takayuki.


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