Go Shiken

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Birds and flowers by Go Shiken. Okinawa Prefectural Museum
  • Born: 1672
  • Died: 1743
  • Other Names: 山口 宗季 (Yamaguchi Sôki)
  • Japanese/Chinese: 師虔 (Go Shiken / Wú Shīqián)

Go Shiken, also known as Yamaguchi Sôki, was a Ryukyuan court painter, known especially for his birds-and-flowers paintings.

Born in 1672, Shiken traveled to China in 1704, and studied under Fuzhou painter Sun Yi. He was appointed to a position as court painter upon his return, producing formal portraits of the kings (ogo-e) and paintings to be presented as gifts to samurai elites, among other sorts of works.


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