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Kyôhô 2 (享保二年)

Timeline of 1717

Other Events of 1717

  • Battles of Coxinga becomes the first bunraku play to be adapted to kabuki and performed in Edo. It is performed at the Morita-za, Ichimura-za, and Nakamura-za.
  • Clothing shop Daimonji-ya opens in Kyoto; it will be the predecessor to the modern-day Daimaru department store chain.
  • Trading rights in Ezochi, previously divvied out among prominent vassals of the Matsumae clan, begin to be sold to wealthy merchants.
  • The Qing Court effects a limited maritime trade ban in order to help ensure the coastal security of Fujian province; trade with Japan, the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, and Annam is allowed to continue, and foreign ships are permitted to continue making port in China, but Chinese ships are forbidden from traveling to other parts of Southeast Asia.
  • Tea shop Ippodô opens on Teramachi-dôri; it has grown and remains open today.

Births and Deaths

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