Emperor Heizei

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  • Born: 786
  • Died: 842
  • Japanese: 平城天皇 (Heizei tennô)

Emperor Heizei was the second Emperor to rule from Heian-kyô (Kyoto), and the first to be posthumously named after the site of his mausoleum.

He was the eldest son of Emperor Kammu, and succeeded to the throne in 806 upon Kammu's death. He reigned only three years before being succeeded by his brother, who took the throne as Emperor Saga.

As Retired Emperor, he attempted in 810/9 to have the imperial capital returned to Heijô-kyô. This ultimately failed, and was known as the Kusuko Incident (Kusuko no hen').[1]

Preceded by
Emperor Kammu
Emperor of Japan
Succeeded by
Emperor Saga


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