Chief of Home Affairs (Taiwan)

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  • Other Names: 民政局長官 (1895, minsei kyoku choukan), 民政局長 (1895-1898, minsei kyoku chou), 民政長官 (1898-1919, minsei choukan)
  • Japanese: 総務長官 (1919-1945, soumu choukan)

The Chief of Home Affairs for Taiwan was among the chief officials in the Imperial Japanese colonial administration of Taiwan, second only to the Governor-General of Taiwan.

The title changed slightly over the course of the period, from 1895 to 1945.

List of Chiefs of Home Affairs

  1. Mizuno Jun (1895)
  2. Sone Shizuo
  3. Gotô Shinpei
  4. Iwai Tatsumi
  5. Ôshima Kumaji



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