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Meiji 33 (明治三十三年)

Timeline of 1900

  • 1900/1/8 Twenty-six people, the first Okinawan immigrants to Hawaii, arrive in Honolulu. They are kept in quarantine for roughly a week.
  • 1900/1/16 The 26 Okinawan immigrants to Hawaii are sent to Ewa plantation (on O'ahu).
  • 1900/1/13-30 The first (modern-style) public exhibition of work by Hokusai to be held in Japan takes place at Ueno Park in Tokyo.
  • 1900/2/11 The engagement of Crown Prince Yoshihito (the future Taishô Emperor) and Kujô Sadako, daughter of Kujô Michitaka, is announced in the press, to the public, and announced to the gods and to the Imperial ancestors in a private rite performed within the Palace.
  • 1900/4/14 Paris World's Fair, at which Japan exhibits, opens.
  • 1900/5/10 Crown Prince Yoshihito marries Kujô Sadako.
  • 1900/summer Boxer Rebellion in China.
  • 1900/5/23 The Crown Prince and Princess depart Tokyo to travel to Ise Shrine, and to the tombs of Emperor Jimmu and Emperor Kômei.
  • 1900/6/2 The Crown Prince and Princess depart Kyoto for the return to Tokyo.
  • 1900/6/14 The Organic Act passed by the US Congress goes into effect, banning contract labor throughout the US (and thus freeing Japanese plantation workers in Hawaii from their contracts). Hawaii officially begins to be administered as a Territory of the United States.

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