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Ansei 2 (安政二年)

Timeline of 1855

  • Ansei 1/11/25 (Jan. 12) Commodore Perry arrives in New York.
  • Ansei 1/12/9 (Jan 26) The USS Powhatan returns to Shimoda with the ratification instruments for the Convention of Kanagawa, signed the previous year.
  • Ansei 1/12/21 (Feb 7) Treaty of Shimoda signed between Russia and Japan.
  • 1855/1/5 (Feb 21) Commander Henry A. Adams of the Powhatan and Japanese representatives exchange ratified copies of the Convention of Kanagawa, completing the agreement process, and the Powhatan departs Japan the following day.
  • 1855/1/21 (March 9) The Ryûkyû-USA Treaty of Amity is ratified by the US Congress and officially announced by President Franklin Pierce.
  • 1855/2/22 The shogunate declares all of Ezo territory under direct shogunate control, leaving the Matsumae clan in control only of a certain area of land immediately around Matsumae.
  • 1855/5/19 A Ryukyuan mission to Edo departs from Naha.
  • 1855/5/29 The Ryukyuan mission to Edo arrives at Kagoshima.
  • 1855/10 French ships call at Ryûkyû.
  • 1855/10 The shogunate grants permission for samurai and commoners to settle in Ezo and offers loans to those who engage in developing the land.
  • 1855/10/2 Ansei Earthquake strikes Edo.
  • 1855/10/15 A Treaty of Amity is signed between France and the Kingdom of Ryûkyû, allowing a French mission to be established, and for Frenchmen to move freely within the kingdom.
  • 1855/12/3 Tokugawa Yoshinobu (head of the Hitotsubashi family) and Ichijô Mikako marry.

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