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Kaei 5 (嘉永五年)

Timeline of 1852

  • 1852/6/7 A fire starts at Dairinji and soon spreads, destroying 280 buildings in Furuichi, near Ise.
  • 1852/6/24 The Russian ship Mentchikof comes to Shimoda and tries to deliver a number of castaways, but is turned away by Nirayama daikan Egawa Tarozaemon, who refuses to accept the castaways.
  • 1852/6/29 The Russian ship Mentchikof deposits a number of castaways in Izu province and departs.
  • 1852/7/22 A storm causes flooding and much damage in Kyoto and surrounding regions.
  • 1852/10/13 An American squadron commanded by Commodore Matthew Perry departs Norfolk, Virginia, bound for Ryûkyû and Japan.
  • 1852/11/1-5 Commodore Perry's fleet spends time in the Madeira Islands in the eastern Atlantic, before turning south along the western coast of Africa.

Other Events of 1852

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