Governor-General of Taiwan

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  • Japanese: 台湾総督 (Taiwan soutoku)

The Governor-General of Taiwan was the chief colonial official in Taiwan, from 1895 through 1945. Japan's colonial administration of Korea was likewise headed by a Governor-General of Korea. The title might be more literally translated as "general director."

While the position was in theory opened up to civilian appointees in both Korea and Taiwan after 1919, it was only in Taiwan that any civilians were appointed; in Korea, military men dominated the position throughout the colonial period.[1]

List of Governors-General of Taiwan

  1. Kabayama Sukenori
  2. Katsura Tarô
  3. Nogi Maresuke (1896-1898)
  4. Kodama Gentarô (1898-1906)
  5. Sakuma Samata (1906-?)
  6. Akashi Motojirô (1918-1919)
  7. Den Kenjirô (1919-?)[2]



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  2. Den was the first civilian to hold the post. He was appointed by Hara Kei, Japan's first civilian prime minister. Peattie, 108.