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Kyôhô 4 (享保四年)

Timeline of 1719

  • 1719/1/12 Meirinkan school of rangaku opens in Chôshû han.
  • 1719/1/15 Matsumae Norihiro becomes daimyo of Matsumae han.
  • 1719/4/11 A Korean embassy led by Lead Envoy Hong Ch'ijung, Vice Envoy Hwang Sŏn, and Secretary Yi Myŏng'ŏn, and consisting of a total of 495 Koreans, departs Hansŏng for Edo.
  • 1719/6/12 Bakufu fires 20 Daikan for embezzlement and debt.
  • 1719/6 Chinese investiture envoys arrive in Ryûkyû, with the Manchu Hai Bao as chief envoy, and Xu Baoguang as vice-envoy, along with several cartographers ordered by the Chinese Emperor to prepare maps of Ryûkyû. They stay for eight months.
    • Kumi odori is created by Tamagusuku Chôkun and performed for the first time, for the envoys.
    • A dispute breaks out between the Chinese party and the Ryukyuan officials, who are unable to afford the vast amount of goods brought from China for sale.
  • 1719/9/12 Members of the Korean embassy stay at Honnôji for one night, before departing for Edo.
  • 1719/10/1 Korean embassy has the first of its formal audiences at Edo castle.
  • 1719/10/5 Korean embassy performs equestrian acrobatics for the shogun.
  • 1719/10/9 Korean embassy enjoys a banquet at the mansion of the Sô clan lord of Tsushima.
  • 1719/10/11 Korean embassy receives an official reply, from the Shogun, to the King of Korea.
  • 1719/10/13 Korean embassy enjoys a banquet.
  • 1719/10/15 Korean embassy departs Edo to begin the return journey back to Seoul.

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